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Kuna watu wanataka kugawanyisha watu – Ruto’s issues fresh statements on BBI

Deputy President William Ruto has once again not shied away from expressing his views on the controversial Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report.

Ruto was speaking during Bahati Mp Kimani Ngunjiri’s mother’s burial on Tuesday the 1st of December 2020 while in Nakuru. The second in command went on to urge the BBI taskforce not to lock out anyone who has divergent views.

According to the DP, it’s not a must to have losers and winners as it is possible to achieve a win-win situation. He further noted that some leaders were taking advantage of the situation and implanting seeds of hatred in Kenyans.

“We must not have winners and losers, we can fashion a win-win. Tunataka mambo watu wote wakubaliane, na inawezekana, tusiskume mtu kwa sababu ako na maoni tofauti, that’s not the way to go forward. Kuna watu katika hii mambo ya BBI wanatafuta sana vile ya kugawanyisha watu, tutafute mahali ya sisi sote kutembea pamoja.”

DP Ruto also noted that the government and the police are not responsible for the country’s peace. He further acknowledged Kenya is a peaceful country, and residents should maintain it.

Be diligent.

Ruto also urged public officers to serve the country diligently and avoid misusing their powers. He went on to note that criminal investigations should not target anyone because of their tribe.

The DP further insisted that criminal investigations should never be used to incite people against each other.

The second in command also warned that Kenyans are watching and will pray for anyone who misuses their public offices.

The Jubilee leader further urged Kenyans to reject any political leaders who do not have any mission or vision for the country.

Ruto passionately spoke of the Rift Valley region, further mentioning that leaders should not divide people during the election period. He went on to urge residents not to vote in any inciter to any post in the region.

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