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KUPPET throws weight behind BBI, but issue conditions

The Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) has thrown its weight behind the BBI document.

In a press conference yesterday, KUPPET SG, Akello Misori said that the document ‘reflected the broad consensus of many stakeholders.’

Mass movement to back document

Thus, Misori said, they would call on all teachers and workers into a mass movement to back the document.

“We will reach out to other trade unions and workers organisations to create a framework of consultation and grassroots initiatives to bring more Kenyans to the BBI process.” Misori said.

Misouri said that the union would continue to fight for the gains of workers made under the current constitution. Thus, they wanted some proposals ratified, among them the enhanced powers of the SRC.

“We will reject the enhanced powers of the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) to not only advise the government but to set salaries for workers in the public service.”

He said that enhanced powers to SRC would take back the progress made under the collective bargaining agreement.

KUPPET Chairman, Omboko Milemba, also said that they would call for the creation of an independent professional regulator for teachers. TSC would only remain as an employer.

Teachers free to make up mind

KUPPET also said that they would mobilise with other like-minded trade unions to educate Kenyans on the BBI.

“We urge teachers to seize this constitutional moment and read and interpret the document for all citizens within their communities.” Misori said.

However, the union said that teachers were still free to make their own decisions.

The BBI is set to launch officially today, with opinion on the document divided as many question its validity.

Though the DP had been a doubt, reports indicate that he will be there at the launch. The BBI will set in motion referendum calls, which will then amend the parts proposed by the document.

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