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Late George Saitoti’s brother to revive his legacy in 2022 general elections

Ronald Musengi, brother to the late Minister of State for Internal Security and Provincial Administration George Saitoti has declared that he will be in the ballot box in the 2022 general elections vying for the Kajiado North parliamentary seat.

Musengi while declaring his ambition stressed out that it will be aimed at reigniting the family legacy left by his brother.

He noted that in next year’s elections, the family will be marking ten years since the late former Vice-President passed away in a plane crash and his family will be ready to honor him.

“Next year’s elections, which marks ten years since Saitoti’s demise, will be an opportunity to reignite his legacies and the family is ready now to do just that,” he stated.

The late Saitoti was elected Kajiado North MP in 1988 and held the seat until his death in 2012.

Musengi revealed that his family had decided not to engage in politics over the years, to reflect on the political tenure of the late Saitoti and know the next political move.

He said that he was very close to Saitoti and the former Minister for Finance involved him in a lot of his political life.

He added that since he died, he gets concerns from constituents about lack of water, closure of the land registry, poor roads, and of course insecurity.

He further added he thinks that now is the right time to ascend to the position where he can address the residents’ issues as that is the only way he can refresh Saitoti’s legacy.

Musengi said that among the issues he will address first once he assumes office include: the completion of the Ngong stadium, improvement of roads, and enhance more investment opportunities within the region.

Saitoti joined the political world as a nominated Member of Parliament and Minister for Finance in 1983.

He went on to become Kenya’s longest-serving Vice-President, Minister for Education, Internal Security, and Provincial Administration and Foreign Affairs.

Before Saitoti got into politics, he had a stint in the legislative duties from 1974 to 1977, where he represented Kenya in the defunct East African Community as a member of the East African Legislative Assembly.

Saitoti died on Sunday 10 June 2012 when a helicopter carrying him and the Assistant Minister for Internal Security, Joshua Orwa Ojode crashed in the Kibiku area of Ngong forest, killing them and four others.

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