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Lightning Strikes World’s Tallest Building, Burj Khalifa

Dubai, home of Burj Khalifa has experienced continuous heavy downpour over the past few weeks. Many countries are experiencing rains. However, this is uncommon as the country experiences very little to no rainfall for the majority of the year.

The weekend saw rainfalls lasting more than two hours non-stop. The rain was reported to be 110mm.

The desert country has experienced road clogging leading to closure. The roads were later on reopened which resulted in Dubai International Airport getting clogged. Flights were delayed and others diverted due to the flooding experienced.

Dubai’s National Meteorology Center forecasts heavy downpour and snow in the country.

The majority of the schools in Dubai opted to remain closed during this harsh weather during the weekend. Some of the schools postponed examinations due to these unpredictable harsh weather conditions. This is mostly because of the damages caused.

Some roads in Dubai were split into two with businesses halting in some areas. 3100 workers were required to clear up roads and return normalcy.

The government made use of 35 water pumps and 52 water drainage pipes around the city to clear the water logs.

During a heavy downpour, Burj Khalifa got struck at the top by lightning. The scenery although beautiful to the eyes confirmed that the building is a lightning hotspot.

The structure is 828 meters tall making it the world’s tallest building. Due to its tall structure, this building is vulnerable to lightning attacks.

It is one of tourist attraction sites in the country as tourists want to see the extremely tall structure.

Dubai Crown Prince, Sheikh Hamadan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum caught the moment on camera. He then shared the photo on his Instagram page captioning it “#Lightning hotspot”.


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