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Linda Katiba Movement rallys Kenyans against the BBI

Linda Katiba, a Kenyan civil society movement, has intensified the rallying call to Kenyans to oppose the BBI.

The Movement called the constitutional amendment under the BBI as unconstitutional and flawed.

BBI ploy to overthrown Constitution

Led by vocal NARC Kenya party leader, Martha Karua, renowned activists, Bonface Mwangi and Jerotich Seii, and Economist, David Ndii, the group said that the calls for a constitutional amendment were a ploy to overthrow the 2010 constitution.

The calls come at a day when the BBI Secretariat said that they had already surpassed the 1 million signatures needed for the BBI referendum. In an address today, Junet Mohamed said that they had hit 1.5 million signatures. He added they were on course to hit 2 million signatures tonight.

But Linda Katiba Movement said that the two heads, Raila and Kenyatta, did not at any point in their meeting, tell Kenyans that they were setting out to amend the constitution.

Initiative is State-driven

Jerotich Seii said that Kenya’s Constitution provided for two ways to initiate an amendment. This was through popular and parliamentary initiatives. The Parliamentary initiative could only be possible through parliament, the popular initiative only through the people of Kenya. Thus, the current use of the State to back the BBI was unconstitutional and a usurpation of the people’s power.

Martha Karua, on her part, said that the BBI initiative was an initiative of the State and not driven by Parliament or the Kenyan people. Thus, it was illegality and an attempt to overthrow the Constitution.

The Movement called on Kenyans to demand a review of the electoral process. They wanted the state to address its failures before the 2022 elections.

The group of activists are among a growing section of vocal Kenyans who are leading the total rejection of the BBI. The movement, unlike politicians opposing the document, is not after specific clauses in the document. They want Kenyans to reject the document completely.

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