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Lobby group demand arrest of killer cops after murder of yet another young man

Lobby Group, Police Reforms Working Group – Kenya, as called for the arrest of killer police said to have killed another young man from Mathare.

In a press conference on Sunday Morning, the PRWG-K said police had arrested Collins from Mathare on 29th April 2021. His body was later found on 30th April 2021, on Friday at City Mortuary.

According to the statement by the group, an officer called Njoro arrested Collins, then took him into a car driven by another police, Baraza, well-known in Mathare.

Illegally arrested and detained

Two other young men had also been detained in the car, according to Mathare Social Justice Centre, which detailed the arrest of Collins. They were Kevin Irungu and his friend, whose whereabouts remain unknown.

The Police Reforms group also raised attention to the matter that the officers were not doing this for the first time.

“The PRWG has received several complaints against the same officer (Baraza) and others such as Ahmed Rashid of Pangani,” the group said in their statement.

Extrajudicial killing pandemic

The death of Collins adds to an ever-growing list of Kenyans who have lost their lives in the hands of killer police officers. Extrajudicial killings have become an existential threat to many young Kenyans in slums.

In the statement, PRWG called for the arrest of the police officers behind the abductions and executions. They also asked for public condemnation of the killings from authority figures, including President Kenyatta, Interior CS, and Police IG.

“We demand the IPOA institute urgent investigations to find the whereabouts of Kevin Irungu and his friend, alongside the circumstances leading to Collin’s death,” PRWG added.

Human rights violation with impunity

According to Missing Voices, police officers killed 157 Kenyans in 2020 in extrajudicial executions. They also forcefully disappeared ten others who were in their custody.

PRWG said that they would continue pursuing human rights violations as per the Kenyan Constitution.

“As Police Reform Working Group Members, we reassure the public that we shall not relent in our cardinal duty of pursuing human rights violation as per the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 and International Human Rights Laws pronunciations on fundamental Human Rights,” The group said.

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