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Farms in Lugari Kakamega County invaded by baboons

Residents from Kakamega county in Lugari sub-county are now living in fears after some baboons invaded their homes and farms.

The locals are raising an alarm about looming food shortage since the baboons ravaged their crops on the farm.

One of the residents, Fanice Wangila, said she was chased by several animals while on her way to the river to fetch water.

Ms. Wangila said, “Earlier in the day, some baboons broke into my house and stole food while leaving behind massive destruction. Another day the animals tried to snatch the neighbors baby. Luckily there were some men around who scared them, and they disappeared.”

From the locals, they claim that the animals are targeting domestic animals such as chicken and goats. So far, they have caused losses to several farmers in the area.

Additionally, one villager said, “School going girls are in trouble since the baboons dislike them and can chase them away.”

Residents are pleading with Kenya Wildlife Service to intervene and relocate the baboons from the area.

Some angry villagers have threatened to revenge if KWS does not address the matter, and the locals will attack and kill the animals.

For fear of attack by the animals, children cannot play unattended since the baboons can invade them. Besides, some of the residents have bought dogs which scare away the baboons.

The area acting assistant chief Edwin Nashibore is calling upon KWS to rescue them.

However, chances of reaching out to KWS offices and Kakamega Forest Reserve had not bore any fruits by yesterday, 13 February 2020.



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