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Lockdown flouters to be tracked using drones

Lockdown flouters, especially those in the one zoned area sneaking in and out of other parts of the country, will now be tracked using drone technology.

Speaking to journalists on Tuesday, April 6, Rift Valley Regional Coordinator George Natembeya stated that the drones would be used to arrest rogue Kenyans who are evading roadblocks.

“We must do everything possible to protect suicidal Kenyans from irresponsible movements that can cause loss of livelihoods,” he stated.

According to Natembeya, drones fitted with high-density cameras will be able to monitor any movement from a distance of 5 kilometers.

The administrator added that the technology would enable police to capture bodaboda operators who have been helping people to escape the roadblocks.

“We have realized that there are people who have been using panya routes to move in and out of the disease-infested zone, with some using bodabodas. We will tighten security at the roadblocks and use drones to capture those evading roadblocks,” Natembeya added.

He also said that more roadblocks would be erected to enforce the Covid-19 containment orders.

Natembeya further issued a stern warning to those breaking the law and called on every Kenyan to take personal responsibility in fight to curb the pandemic.

“I take this opportunity to issue a stern warning to those flouting the lockdown measures. Flouters will face the full force of the law,” he warned.

The officer also warned police officers against taking bribes to allow people to defy the lockdown directives saying that such officers will face immediate disciplinary action.

A local publication report indicated that some rogue motorists were parting with between Sh2000 and Sh5000 to be allowed to pass through the roadblocks.

Cases of rape by Boda Boda riders as they carry people using informal routes to evade the roadblocks have also been reported.

Molo Sub-county chief Hassan Waweru confirmed the rape cases and urged the public to take the government-imposed restrictions as a way of helping to prevent further infections of Covid-19 and not a punishment.

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