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Magoha’s bodyguard sexually assaults NMG journalist (VIDEO)

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has yet again found himself in another scandal when his bodyguard assaulted Nation Media Group (NMG) journalists on Thursday the 19th of November 2020.

Journalist Allan Obiero attached at the Royal Media Services (RMS) revealed he witnessed an incident where Magoha’s bodyguard assaulted two journalists. According to him, this incident happened as Magoha was at Kosawe Primary School inspecting desks in Kisumu County.

Following this incident, Rushdie Ouda, Chairman of Kisumu Journalists Network, issued a statement detailing on the matter. He further revealed that the journalists were Ondari Ogega, a photojournalist from NMG and his female colleague Viola Kosome from the People Daily.

“I was just going about my duties when the uniformed bodyguard shoved me out of nowhere. It is not right because we were doing our duties and they had invited us, we did not gatecrash,” Kosome revealed.

Taking matters too far.

According to her, the bodyguard first harassed her before assaulting Ondari. Kosome further revealed that Ondari had accidentally bumped into the bodyguard while trying to take photos of Magoha. However, he apologized, and the event proceeded.

The bodyguard, however, could not take it and targeted Ondari only to sexually assault him.

“In the next classroom, the bodyguard targeted the photojournalist and physically assaulted him below the belt after which he let out a shriek, and a small confrontation ensued. The CS did not notice since it was a very big team.”

Kisumu Journalists Network chairman frowned at the incident and maintained that it is wrong. According to him, such incidences instil fear in journalists, making them avoid such events.

Ouda further acknowledged that it is an infringement of human rights as it suppresses the right to expression per the Kenyan Constitution in article 33 and 34.

However, CS Magoha did not notice what was going on since they were a large team present at the event.

Here is the video:

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