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Magufuli declares COVID-19 over in Tanzania

Tanzania’s President, Magufuli has declared COVID-19 over in Tanzania.

Speaking at a function on Saturday, Magufuli stated that the country had managed to beat the illness through three days of prayer.

Prayers for three days

“We prayed for three days. Now corona is over. The Ministry of Health told me the other day that Dar es Salaam had only four patients in the hospital.” Magufuli said.

He went on to call out critics, saying that they would criticize this move but urged Tanzanian’s to keep praying.

No wearing face masks

In what was probably the most controversial statement in the address, he called on Tanzanians not to wear face masks.

“I want to urge Tanzanians to desist from wearing facemasks whose origins they do not know. These products could be pre-infected with the coronavirus. If someone brings you face masks, tell them to go wear it with their wives and children.” Magufuli said.

Magufuli has always been opposed to locking down the country due to COVID-19. If anything, the Tanzanian President has on various occasions mocked Kenya and Uganda for going into lockdown.

‘Hit them hard!’

In a recent speech, he urged Tanzanians to hike the prices of the commodities they sell to Kenyans and Ugandans.

“These countries will face a food crisis because they went on lockdown as we went on working. Let us protect our commodities. If we are to sell to them, then hike the prices very high. Hit them hard! I say hit them hard!”

None of the Presidents of the two countries has issued a statement on Magufuli’s speech.

The strain in Kenya and Tanzania’s border has grown further with the introduction of testing drivers at the border. Tanzania accused Kenya of faking COVID-19 figures of Tanzanian drivers.

While the two President issued statements declaring they had come to an agreement, the borders still remain a point of contention between drivers and border officials.

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