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Man commits suicide after frequent calls from mobile loan app

A man from Navakholo, Kakamega allegedly took his life after constant pressure from a mobile loan app demanding he pays back his loan.

Solomon Ayindi had taken a loan of ksh 30,000 from the mobile lender but defaulted following the harsh economy.

According to Alice Omwenje, Ayindi’s mother, her son, had taken a ksh 30,000 loan but could not pay up. She explained that constant frequent calls from the mobile loan lender piled pressure on Ayindi pushing him to take his own life.

Ayindi had allegedly paid some of the debt but still had an outstanding balance that he was struggling to clear. The family further explained that the digital lender did not listen to Ayindi’s pleas to have the payment deadline extended.

Ayindi’s family found his body hanging from the ceiling on Saturday the 17th of October leaving many shocked.

According to traditions, the family will demolish Ayindi’s house in line with customs whenever a man takes his life.

Elders from the village also revealed they would not take Ayindi’s body to the funeral home as is the norm. Instead, they will bury him at the spot where he took his own life. They will also not hold a ceremony for him.

Piling pressure.

This incident comes after the Central bank of Kenya (CBK) on Monday the 12th of October 2020, blocked more than 337 mobile lenders and micro financiers from forwarding loan defaulters for listing at the Credit reference Bureu (CRB).

CBK arrived at this decision following a public outcry on digital lenders misusing the Credit Information Sharing (CIS).

Digital lenders are known for their persistent calls demanding for their money whenever one delays with payment. Sometimes they use different numbers if a user blocks their official line and they will call a defaulter’s relatives.

Reports indicate an increase in Kenyans listed in the CRB from 2.7 million in 2019 to 3.2 million in 2020.

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