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Man commits suicide by jumping into the Indian Ocean

A man in Mombasa County ended his life by jumping into the Indian Ocean on Wednesday morning. The man reportedly jumped off the Nyali bridge.

A witness at the scene revealed that the deceased jumped off the bridge at around 6 am. According to the witness, he died within 30 minutes.

“I was passing by the bridge at around 6 am when I heard a commotion. I asked one onlooker what was happening, but he was not able to respond. After 30 minutes, we saw a body floating on water. We got closer to have a look,” one witness narrated.

The witness further said that the body was of a middle-aged man. Fish had bitten off part of the body. On seeing the body, they called the police.

A fire brigade and police officers arrived at the scene in just a few minutes. They retrieved the body, which was floating just a few meters from the Nyali bridge.

Nyali residents revealed that several people had committed suicide at the Nyali bridge. Several have allegedly parked their vehicles close to Nyali bridge before jumping into the ocean.

Officers have retrieved several bodies from the ocean close to the Nyali bridge. The number of bodies has significantly increased in the past month.

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