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Man sets his house on fire, kills himself and his two daughters

A man in Nanyuki reportedly set his house on fire after a domestic row and, in the process, killed himself and his two daughters.

42-year-old Joseph Mburu allegedly argued with his 30-year-old wife, Amina Mburu, at their home in Thome village. Enraged with the whole issue, he set fire on the iron sheet of the house. His wife, Amina, managed to escape, but she sustained severe burn injuries.

Wilson Thuo, the Thigiti Chief, confirmed the incident. He said that Mr. Mburu and his two children remained inside the house and burned to death. One of the children was 13 years old, and the other was four years old.

“According to the wife, her husband returned home as usual, and the family had their supper together. As usual, their two children retired to bed after supper. After a short while, he went out and came back with a jerrican of petrol. He sprinkled the petrol all over the house before lighting a matchbox,” Mr.Thuo explained.

The area chief also said that Mr. Thuo had blocked the exit to ensure that his wife did not leave the burning house. Fortunately, she managed to escape after a struggle.

“It is sad that such an incident happened over family wrangles. The couple had a domestic row, but the two innocent children perished as a result. A problem once shared is twice solved before a disaster occurs,” Mr. Thuo said.

Neighbors who witnessed the incident tried to put out the fire, but they could not salvage anything.

One of the neighbors said that they knew the couple was having issues. However, they did not anticipate such a gruesome incident would occur. She acknowledged the need to talk about marital problems and get assistance.

Mrs. Mburu is receiving treatment at Nanyuki Teaching and Referral Hospital.

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