Man shoots, kills brothers wife over property ownership..Thika


Cases linked to murder have been on the rise in Kenya. This is not only worrying, but it lingers a lot in the minds of people of what has become of our today’s society. The simple rule of life is that life is precious and only God can take life.

The sudden deaths by close family members, lovers and friends, has one wondering, who can we trust? We have to evaluate this and get to the bottom of this and ascertain the real causes of this untimely deaths of even children.

In Thika for example, a man who was a welder at a small shopping center at Landless Thika, along the Garissa highway, shot dead his brothers wife. Its said to be a tussle over land inheritance from their mother, who passed on a month ago.

It is reported that the wife was in the way of him acquiring total ownership of land and property.

On the night of the murder, knowing the brother was not around, he went into the house with a silencer pistol, shot her and ran away.

Sources say that he was spotted at the main entrance of the Riverside estate as he made his way off to exile. The house help held the baby of the deceased and went to the neighbor and reported what had happened.

He has since been tracked down while he was in exile in Mombasa, and has been transferred to Thika, and arraigned in court, where he denied all charges.

He will spend more days in police custody as the police continue to gather up more evidence and any accomplices who helped or were engaged in the inhumane act.

We are left with questions rather than answers and asking ourselves on whom we can trust, who we can rely on and who we can turn to, if those related to us by blood, are willing to stop at nothing just to feed their greedy selves.

As the law enforcers do their job, in apprehending this individuals, we should come as one and condemn such cowardly acts and look for solutions going forward. we look forward to our institutions of justice to doing whatever it takes to put these individuals to book. nobody is above the law, senior government officials, or not, should face the long arm of the law.


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