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Man who ‘resurrected’ narrates his ordeal

Yesterday, the news of the man who ‘resurrected’ from the dead broke the internet. Peter Kiplagat Kigen regained consciousness while in a mortuary at  Kapkatet Hospital, Kericho County.

Mr Kigen narrated his ordeal after spending three hours in a mortuary. Speaking from his hospital bed, Peter Kigen told journalists that when he regained consciousness he was surprised that the doctors had pronounced him dead.

Kigen said that he still does not understand how doctors pronounced him dead yet he was alive. He said that when he regained conciousness, he had no idea of where he was.

Kigen said that he was very happy to be alive. Additionally, he said that he would pursue the church ministry once the hospital discharges him. His decision is based on the fact that God spared his life.

Kevin Kipkirui, Kigen’s younger  brother, explained that they had rushed Kigen to hospital after he collapsed. Kigen collapsed at home on Tuesday morning. On arriving at the hospital, a medic pronounced Kigen dead on arrival.

Kigen’s brother narrated that when they arrived at the casualty department, a doctor asked them to register the details of the patient at the reception.  The family members registered Kigen’s details.

On going back to the casualty department at around 7.45 pm, medics informed them that Kigen had passed on. A nurse informed him that by the time they brought Kigen to the hospital, he was already dead.

Hospital says they were not negligent

Gilbert Cheruiyot, Kapkatet Hospital’s medical superintendent has said that the hospital was not negligent. He gave a different account of what happened. He said that Kigen’s rellatives just assumed he was dead and took him to the mortuary without waiting for a physician to give them a go-ahead.

Additionally, Mr Cheruiyot said that the family moved him to the mortuary on their own. Morticians had started preparing the body for preservation when Kigen woke up.

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