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Maraga says he wants to retire peacefully

Chief justice David Maraga has said that all he wants to do is have a peaceful retirement. Maraga has planned to spend his time in Nakuru County where he started his practice.

Chief Justice Maraga said that he would do everything in his power to ensure a smooth transition to whoever succeeds him.

Justice Maraga’s term will come to an end in January. However, the Chief Justice will proceed on terminal leave starting next week. Thereafter, he will come back in January to hand over his office.

“I am retiring very soon. I will be taking my terminal leave next Friday and come back January to hand over before I come back to Nakuru to rest in my home,” CJ Maraga said.

His practice

Chief Justice David Maraga first worked at Nakuru High Court after being appointed as a judge. He practised in Nakuru County for approximately 25 years.

Maraga slowly rose through the ranks. The Judicial Service Commission selected him and the President appointed him as the President of the Supreme Court. His appointment made him the second Chief Justice in the new constitution.

Maraga presided over the launch of the new ultra-modern court complex in Nakuru. Speaking at the event, he revealed that he would also retire from active legal practice.

The launch is the last public event that the Chief Justice presided over ahead of his retirement.

Maraga thanked all the people of Nakuru County and other Kenyans for their support during his term as Chief Justice. Additionally, he spoke on the review of the Sexual Offences Act.

According to the outgoing Chief Justice, the Sexual Offences Act is unfair to the boy child. He spoke passionately on how it was unfair that the law punishes the boy child in cases of defilement yet the girl goes scot-free. Maraga insisted that this was a serious challenge in the Sexual Offenses Act.

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