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Maraga’s last words as he passes instruments of power to DCJ Mwilu following his retirement

Outgoing Chief Justice David Maraga on Monday 11 January 2021 had a few words to say as he prepared to retire and passing the instruments of power to his deputy Philomena Mwilu who will take over temporarily.

The CJ in a ceremony held at the Supreme Court and attended by Supreme Court Judges, Law Society of Kenya President Nelson Havi, and several other dignitaries saw his wig and rob taken away to signify his official retirement from the job he has held since June 2016.

He also handed over his official car and components which included the removal of the CJ 1 number plate and national flag that blandishes his car.

While addressing the media and the dignitaries, Maraga started by thanking God for giving him the guidance and the opportunity to serve in the Judiciary for 18 years in different capacities.

He went on to recall how he stuck by his faith over the CJ job during an interview where he was given only two choices.

Maraga revealed that during his interview for the job, he knew very well that the Supreme Court must hear and determine election whether he will sit on Saturday as he is a Sabbath day church member.

“I understood the question was for me to choose between to get the job and living by my faith. I determined to live out my faith and said I will not sit on Saturday,” he said.

He noted that in accordance with the steadfast promises God took over He gave him the job and fought all his battles throughout the term he served as CJ.

Maraga also thanked his wife and children who had to bear the brunt of the attacks and threats against him. He mentioned that he will never take their support for granted.

The outgoing CJ also thanked Kenyans for their unwavering support. He said that their solidarity and steadfast defense in moments of trials only strengthened his resolve to serve you them up to the last day.

Maraga cautioned his colleagues not to do the wrong thing as the country will turn into chaos and God will never forgive them.

He told them to stand firm and do the right thing and God together with Kenyans will in return defend them.

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