Martha Karua defends herself as Kenyans revisit 2007/08 PEV


NARC Kenya party leader Martha Karua has clapped back at critics blaming her for the 2007/08 political chaos.

Following the DCI’s decision to reopen the cases of the worst period in Kenya’s recent political history, Martha Karua has continued to be the target for some.

Mwai Kibaki’s agent

Martha Karua, during the 2007/08 elections, was an agent to then President, Mwai Kibaki, at the KICC. After ECK announced the election results, she stood by Kibaki, who had been declared the winner. However, violence, which had started across the country, escalated after the announcement.

The two-month-long skirmishes only decreased after a peace agreement between Raila and Kibaki. They two would then form a coalition government.

Due to her being on the Kibaki side during the elections, some have seen her as bearing responsibility for the mayhem.

Karua refuses to take the blame

However, Karua, in a Twitter post, refused to take the blame, asking those blaming her for stopping using her name to cleanse the real perpetrators.

Karua called the allegations ‘false narratives’. She said that just as Orengo had been Raila’s agent in the election, so had she been for Kibaki.

“Absolutely no apologies for being Kibaki’s agent at KICC, a tallying centre where Raila Odinga has Orengo James as his agent. I do not need forgiveness from anyone, nor will I ever seek any for being his agent and supporter then.”

Karua went on to reveal that both sides of the political divide, Kibaki’s and Raila’s, exaggerated the vote counts at polling stations.

The move by DCI to reopen the PEV cases has reopened old wounds. A section of politicians read political motive in the move. However, the DCI said that it was within their rights to reopen the case since they never close criminal cases.

Kenya’s elections have always seen violence. However, the 2007/08 left the country on the brink of civil war. It took outside intervention for the country to settle back into relative calm. Still, complete reconciliation for many remains a mirage as the country gears for 2022.

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