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Martha Karua wins millions in case with Waiguru

Senior counsel Martha Karua has won herself ksh 2.7 million on Monday the 30th of November 2020 in a case with Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru.

Martha Karua had sought the East African Court of Justice services in Arusha, Tanzania, after Kenya’s Supreme court threw out her case in 2019.

The former presidential aspirant was seeking a case against Waiguru, further claiming that the gubernatorial election was not transparent.

The East African Court awarded her the cash in damages for the violation of Karua’s rights to a fair hearing during her petition. The former Justice minister had sued the Kenyan government for Waiguru winning the Kirinyaga gubernatorial elections in 2017.

Martha Karua had also accused the government had dismissed her election appeal through the Supreme Court.

“I’m filing this suit for the wrongs committed to me by the judicial arm of the government, arising from the decision of the Supreme Court on the 7th of August, when my election petition was dismissed,” Martha had revealed at the time.

The former Justice Minister also faulted the Kenyan Judicial system for not serving her justice. According to her, it was already decided that the courts throw out her petition.

“My feeling and that of my lawyer is that the Kenyan government has violated the treaty of East African Community which binds them to the rule of law, democracy, and human rights,” Martha added.

In her petition, the senior counsel claimed that Kirinyaga governor had bribed voters in the county. This, according to her, heavily influenced the outcome of the gubernatorial election.

After the elections, Karua first made her petition at the Kerugoya High Courts. However, the courts threw out the case and claimed that Karua had not provided the appropriate documents.

Martha, however, did not back down and insisted that the Kirinyaga elections had been rigged in favor of Waiguru.

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