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MCAs who oppose Governor Sonko vow to ensure that the impeachment motion goes through

Following an injunction by court to stop the impeachment of Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, MCAs who oppose him have vowed to continue with their plans to oust him from his seat.

Reports emerged that the embattled Governor planned to disrupt Thursday’s impeachment motion. MCAs who support him revealed that they would not attend the meeting.

A source close to the Governor revealed that all MCAs who support him have converged at a secret location. According to the source, the MCAs will remain there until the impeachment motion is done away with. The MCAs have allegedly switched off their phones and efforts to reach them proved futile.

One MCA who managed to communicate with the local dailies revealed that they were at a secret location. Additionally, he said that everyone should know the impeachment motion was going to fail.

The MCAs failure to attend the meeting would mean that the County Assembly can’t proceed for lacking the 2/3 majority as the law requires.

We will proceed

Minority Whip Peter Imwatok said that he was confident they would see the impeachment motion through. He noted that they would proceed with the motion. He also said that they are still expecting Governor Sonko to appear before the national assembly at 2.30pm and defend himself.

Mr Imwatok also commented on the conservatory orders that the court issued suspending the impeachment motion debate. The orders are effective until court hears an application that Sonko’s lawyer made and determines it.

The Minority whip said that no institution can stop another from executing its constitutional mandate.

“We have a mandate under the Constitution and we are equal to a High Court and so we must exhibit and exercise our mandate. Our lawyers are working to appear before the court on Thursday,” he said.

Governor Sonko swore that he would not go down without a fight. Yesterday, his allies claimed to have 90 MCAs on their side.

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