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Middle aged man loses life after ramming into a commercial lorry

A middle-aged man lost his life after his BMW vehicle rammed into a lorry in Nairobi’s Southern Bypass.

According to the police report, the BMW driver crashed into a trailer using the fast lane. Photos posted on social media by netizens show the extent of damage caused to the BMW.

The driver’s side was damaged entirely after sticking under the underride guard of the trailer.

“It’s possible the driver was driving at high speed on the fast lane before crashing into the rear part of the commercial truck,” said Benjamin Mwanthi, Lang’ata OCPD.

Some reports indicate the lorry had stalled on the road. A section of social media users also blamed the accident on the poorly lit areas of the road.

However, a senior security officer who spoke to the Standard said the lighting system on the highway’s section is controlled to ensure aircrafts taking off the nearby Wilson airport don’t lose direction.

Since its commissioning in 2016, the 29.6-kilometre Southern Bypass constructed to ease congestion in the Central Business District has claimed many lives.

Traffic police attribute most of the accidents to careless driving.

Triple-A Capital and Direct Line Assurance founder John Gichia Macharia lost his life in April 2018 following a grisly road accident on the fast lane.

The son of Samuel Macharia, Royal Media Services owner, is said to have lost control of his Porsche 911 Turbo S 2016 car.

He kicked the bucket while undergoing treatment at the Karen hospital Nairobi. An unidentified passenger who was in the car at the time of the ordeal survived the accident.

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