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Mimi sasa ni portable – Wema Sepetu addresses her weight loss

Tanzanian sweetheart Wema Sepetu has finally come out to explain her drastic weight loss which saw her fans get worried that something might be wrong with her.

The 2006 Miss Tanzania who revealed that she now weighs 65 kilograms recently posted a picture with her friends at her brother’s funeral on Instagram which showed she had shed a lot of weight. One fan asked if she was suffering from any disease. Sepetu went on to shut down the fan telling her that she had been infected with HIV/AIDS.

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During a press conference, however, Wema cleared the air stressing out that she was very fit and her health was just fine as she had decided to lose weight and get the “English body”. She pointed out that she loved her new body look and was very comfortable with it.

She went on to point out that she was targeting not to gain a lot of weight if she got pregnant in the near future. She went on to state that she was not concerned with other people’s opinions as she was happy with herself. Wema went on to explain that she told her fan that she was HIV positive as the fan had infuriated her with the question.

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