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Ministry of health clarifies there is no Covid-19 case in Samburu

The Ministry of Health, through Director-General Dr. Patrick Amoth, has clarified that Samburu county has not recorded coronavirus cases.

Contrary to earlier reports, Dr. Amoth revealed that the samples belonged to a police officer in Marsabit. He further explained that the Moh had alerted Marsabit police officers to take action.

“Our Health Promotion Officer has managed to contact the patient reported in the media today as COVID-19 positive and a resident of Samburu. Upon being interviewed, He reported he was tested in Isiolo County on Friday the 24th of July 2020 en route to his workplace in Moyale, where he works with the Border Control Unit as an administrative Police officer,” Samburu CDH said.

MoH also revealed that the ministry had taken precautionary measures and would test staff at the Archer’s Entry point.

The County governor disagrees with MoH on coronavirus cases.

Samburu county governor had on Sunday the 2nd of August 2020 disagreed with the MoH on coronavirus cases.

Governor Lenolkulal further claimed that Samburu county does not have coronavirus cases contrary to the MoH announcement on Saturday.

“The sample is not actually from Samburu. It is not among the samples that we sent to Nairobi. From reliable sources, the contacts have been traced to Forole, Marsabit. We are, however, trying to strengthen testing, and we hope we will not have any cases. We have isolation centers, and we have also bought ventilators,” he said.

Ministry of health clarifies there is no Covid-19 case in Samburu
Samburu governor Moses Lenolkulal

The Samburu governor further urged the MoH to be careful, releasing results to avoid spiking unnecessary anxiety.  He also revealed that the county has five ICU beds in preparation for covid-19 cases.

“We have procured five ICU beds fully equipped with ventilators and two hundred and fifty isolation beds. Our isolation centers are up and running we just need to strengthen a few logistical issues.”

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