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Mistress to late Matungu MP wins case against widows

The late Matungu Member of Parliament Justus Murunga’s mistress Agnes Wangui Wambiri has won the case against Grace Murunga and Christobel Murunga (widows to the late) that she filed to the court in a bid to stop the burial from going on before a DNA test was taken to ascertain that the late legislature was her kids’ father.

Wangui while presenting her case had claimed that she had sired children with the late MP and requested the court to allow DNA sample tests to be taken to clear any doubt that he was the father.

She also wanted to be included in the burial plans for the late legislature.

In his ruling Senior Resident Magistrate Peter Muholi on Friday 27 November 2020 allowed DNA samples to be taken from the remains of the late Murunga’s body.

Justus Murunga’s widows, Grace and Christobel. Mistress to late Matungu MP wins case against widows.

He also directed the two parties meet at Lee Funeral Home with their respective pathologists to collect the samples at their own costs.

He also stated that after the DNA samples had been extracted, the body could be released so that the burial plans may continue with the burial ceremony which had been slated for Saturday 28 November 2020.

Earlier on through their advocate Patrick Lutta, the widows had said that mourners had been meeting daily in Nairobi and at the Constituency.

They added that the delay of the burial plans had cost the family a lot. They went on to mention that they had no issue with Agnes attending the funeral.

“Mourners are meeting daily in Nairobi, Lugari, and at the constituency. Body preservation is also attracting bills. Burial plans are in limbo and likely to be messed up by the sustenance of the order. We are not contesting the issue of the applicant attending the burial. The court can grant an order for the taking of DNA samples. She is free to attend burial without any conditions,” he said.

Agnes had also claimed that Justus Murunga had bought her a piece of land in Karen and was to build her a house before he passed away. The late MP died on November 14.

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