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Moses Kuria exposes alleged Raila’s plan to desert Uhuru and handshake

Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria, on Thursday the 30th of July 2020, claimed that Raila had crafted a plan to abandon Uhuru and the handshake deal.

Kuria was speaking during the burial of Ndindi Nyoro’s grandmother Waririrmu Kihoro at Gaturi, Murang’ a county.

The controversial MP further cited the senate dispute over the revenue sharing formulary. Kuria insinuated that Raila is not powerful, seeing he could not convince the ODM leaders to support the formula.

Kuria further claimed that although the ODM leader had publicly supported the revenue sharing formula, he had ulterior motives. According to the Gatundu South MP, Raila was eyeing 2022 elections and is probably using the handshake to his advantage.

“Mr. President, I had warned you about this man (Raila). If he is really standing with you, and he is so powerful, why couldn’t he tell the 18 allies of his to support the amendment?”

Further adding,

“This is like a man who is running after your father for a title. Raila is trying to snatch a title from President Uhuru Kenyatta.”

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria

I support the one man one vote one shilling policy.

Kuria also insisted that he supports the one man one vote one shilling policy. He further added that he would not stop pushing for that agenda seeing the majority of MT. Kenya leaders push for it.

The controversial MP explained that Kiambu County has a lot of people compared to some Nothern Kenya counties. However, according to him, these counties receive more funds than Kiambu.

This revenue sharing policy has sparked fresh wounds on the handshake with both parties disagreeing. According to some coastal leaders, this formula would significantly undermine development in the marginalized areas.

However, some Jubilee leaders felt that ODM leaders going against this formula would significantly affect BBI. According to them, this formula is a reflection of the one man one vote one shilling policy present in the BBI report.

Political analyst Herman Manyora however, claimed that this disagreement would not lead to the handshake falling apart.

“There’s nothing like the handshake being on its deathbed over this issue. You have to understand this is an early dance; the real dance is yet to begin.”

Further adding,

“At the end of the day, these leaders will do what Uhuru and Raila tell them.”

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