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MP claims most of his colleagues have fake degrees

Alego Usonga Member of Parliament Samuel Atandi has boldly claimed that most of the elected leaders have fake academic papers.

The MP while speaking in an interview with Citizen TV on Thursday 3 June 2021 said that as every election nears, his colleagues who do not have academic qualifications acquire them in less than two years.

He added that he was talking facts and the matter needs to be investigated as there is no way a degree in two years.

“In leadership, 90% of elected leaders have fake papers, that’s a fact, which you can even investigate; in less than two years many of my colleagues acquired degrees,” the lawmaker stated.

Atandi’s statement comes after Members of the National Assembly amended section 22 of the Election Act that recommends minimum academic qualifications for lawmakers at both levels of government to be a degree.

The implementation date of the said law had been postponed several times and is set to take effect in 2022.

The law was enacted just before the 2017 general elections, but the National Assembly successfully suspended its implementation to give members without the documents time to acquire them.

In 2018, it was reported that there was a rush for degrees between 2012 and 2017 with most of the politicians enrolling in local colleges and some universities in Uganda.

The report showed that up to 116 MPs have either a diploma or a certificate and that some lawmakers with certificates enrolled for and graduated with bachelor’s degrees.

A few weeks ago, Lurambi Member of Parliament Titus Khamala said that it would be punitive to thousands of people seeking to be MCAs and MPs to be locked out because they are not degree holders.

Khamala said that the law reviewed to allow Kenyans with diplomas to contest for the two positions.

He noted that the qualifications should be relaxed to allow such people to vie for the seats since MCAs are grassroots leaders, who work with the common man daily.

The MP argued that there was no evidence that leaders with degrees make good leaders than those without.

He maintained that leadership is God-given, and it is not a guarantee that the professors and doctors can make good leaders in the village.

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