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MP insists Kenyans need Mudavadi to revive country’s economy

Sabatia Member of Parliament Alfred Agoi has expressed his confidence in Amani National Congress (ANC) party leader Musalia Mudavadi becoming the next President saying that Kenyans need him as their leader if the country’s economy is to be revived.

The MP who is one of Musalia Mudavadi’s foot soldiers claimed that all eyes are now on Musalia Mudavadi fixing the country’s economy if he is given a chance to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta in the 2022 general elections.

“It is clear that all eyes are now looking up to Musalia Mudavadi on fixing the economy of this country being top of his agenda if given a chance by Kenyans, that is the leader that Kenya needs,” he said.

Another Mudavadi’s soldier Nambale Sakwa Bunyasi also showed his unwavering support to the ANC party leader stating that Counties have been blessed with a lot of production factors that can be harnessed unlike before.

He added that as ANC party, they are focused on building leadership that will give such quality for holistic growth in the counties.

Musalia Mudavadi who is a former Vice-President and as well as a former Minister of Finance has severally pointed out that the country’s economy is his priority and he will focus on that in his first term if elected as the next head of state.

He also noted that he would be banking on his previous experience when he was heading the Treasury to revive the country’s economy.

In July 2020, Musalia Mudavadi was unanimously chosen as the party’s flag bearer in the upcoming general elections by the ANC’s National Governing Council.

In a statement at the time, former ANC Secretary-General Barrack Muluka said that one of the most critical resolutions of the meeting had been the endorsement of their party leader as the flag bearer in the 2022 general elections.

He added that the party had given Mudavadi all the blessings to go out and look for votes and support ahead of the much-anticipated elections.

He stressed out that there will be no other contenders for the party presidential seat and would only conduct party primaries for other seats.

Mudavadi has hinted at working with anyone who shares his policies on the future of the country including Deputy President William Ruto who is also eyeing to replace President Uhuru Kenyatta.

He, however, noted that his time for supporting others was now over and it was time for those who he supported to also return the favor.

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