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MP Murunga’s wife tears apart husband’s lover during burial

Drama ensued at late MP Justus Murunga’s burial after his first wife Christabel Murunga publicly blasted her husband’s alleged lover Agnes Wangui Wambiri during his funeral.

Christabel was speaking during her husband’s burial ceremony in Makunda village, Matungu in Kakamega county, on Saturday the 5th of December 2020. She further poured cold water on allegations that Agnes was Murunga’s lover.

According to her, Wangui was not part of their large polygamous marriage. Christabel further noted that Murunga did not introduce Wangui to them as his third wife. This, according to her, is a sign that he did not recognize Wangui as his wife.

Happily married MP.

Christabel also claimed that the late Murunga was happily married to his two wives, Christabel Murunga and Grace Murunga. However, Agnes Wangui moved to court seeking to be recognized as the MP’s third wife.

Wangui further alleged that she had two children with the late parliamentarian.

According to reports, the late MP, despite siring the two kids with Wangui, denied her his national ID. This was to prevent her from officially registering him on the children’s birth certificate as their dad.

The late Mutunga MP Justus Murunga.
The late Mutunga MP Justus Murunga.

Christabel acknowledged this part, further claiming Murunga respected her and their union, and that is why he did not introduce Wangui to the public as his third wife.

She also explained that she was burying him because he respected his family. Christabel showered the late MP as a responsible father to her girls and a loving husband.

Christabel and Gloria were in a bitter court case with Wangui as she sought her identity as Murunga’s third wife. Eventually, the courts released the MP’s body for burial after his family’s request.

The court, however, prohibited Christabel and Gloria’s family from preventing Wangui and her children from participating in the late MP’s burial. The court also requested for the legislator’s DNA samples that will help identify if Wangui’s claims are valid.

MP Murunga's wife tears apart husband's lover during burial
Agnes Wangui Wambiri, the alleged lover of late Matungu MP Justus Murunga

Runs in the family.

Christabel also hinted that she might take a shot at getting her late husband’s seat as the area MP. She professed her love for the constituency and its residents, further claiming that she is ready to take up her late husband’s position.

Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala, who was also present at the event, begged politicians to leave the seat for the ANC party. He went on to liken the situation to when Jubilee party left the Msambweni seat for ODM so should ODM not produce a candidate and leave the seat for ANC.

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