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MP threatens to resign after being beaten, chased away by his constituents

Saboti Member of Parliament Caleb Amisi has threatened to resign after being beaten and chased away by irate youth in his Constituents in Mitume Ghetto over lack of performance.

Speaking after receiving the beating, the first-time legislature lamented that the irate youth pounced on him when he had come to help them by launching an administration complex at the Masinde Muliro Secondary School.

“You mean I cannot come here to launch projects peacefully without interference by the youth? When my term is over and I have not achieved anything you are the ones who will tell me I haven’t done anything and yet when I come here to open a school you create chaotic scenes. You have beaten and injured me in the process,” the angry MP complained.

Amisi went on to wonder why his own people would treat him the way they did as he questioned why they did not want him.

He revealed that he has been helping a number of people in his Constituency as he gave an example of a young man by the name Ifrah.

“I am a Member of Parliament and I am being chased away from my own constituency. What is this? That Caleb has been injured by his own people, meaning my own constituents do not want me. There is one youthful man named Ifrah whom I have been helping in my office but he comes here to incite you,” he added.

He disclosed that he had been forced to report the matter to the police but he would not have taken that path if he had not been beaten or injured.

He added that if being an MP means being beaten by his people then he would rather quit and go back home to his wife and children.

In September this year, Mbeere South MP Geoffrey Kingagi Muturi was reportedly forced to flee from a public function after his residents chased him away for failing to deliver on projects since the 2017 elections.

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