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Munya’s meeting disrupted by rowdy youth in Meru

Rowdy youth disrupted a meeting that Agriculture CS Peter Munya attended shortly after he delivered his speech.

The Agriculture CS was overseeing the first day of Meru County Agriculture field day at Maili Tatu stadium in Igembe Central. Various local leaders and parastatals within the Ministry of Agriculture accompanied him.

During the meeting, a crowd gathered around and sang local songs taunting Munya and his entourage. Police officers had to intervene to disperse the crowd and calm people down. It is unclear whether the disruption cut short the meeting or it went on afterward.

CS Munya dared his critics to air their sentiments openly instead of using stooges and outlets. Additionally, he dared them to organize rallies that attract mass followers to prove they were as popular as he was.

“Let them come out in the open and stop hiding behind closed doors,” Munya said while addressing those who oppose his bid for the Meru gubernatorial seat.

Successful day

On his Facebook page, CS Munya claimed that the day was a success.

“The field day was a success. It brought various agriculture stakeholders to sensitize farmers on modern methods of farming. Farmers gained skills and expertise to increase their productivity and improve on quality,” Munya posted.

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