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Musician B Classic comes to Omosh’s aid after crying for help from Kenyans again

Kenyan musician B Classic has come out to help former Tahidi High actor Joseph Kinuthia popularly known as Omosh, after he was rebuked by Kenyans as well as his fellow celebrities for seeking help again.

The first-rising and Champion Studios signee bought the once fan-favourite actor a new camera, microphone and a tripod.

In an Instagram post, the singer said that he believes in giving people second chances, and that is why he offered Omosh what he required so that he does not have to beg the public to help him again.

“Do believe in second chances, ila huwa naamini pia kupea mtu tools za kazi ili aweze kujitafutia. Brother Omosh nicheck ili nikufikishie zawadi yako uweze kupiga kazi,” he said.

He went on to say that he had seen people attacking Omosh on social media after crying for help again but advised that as human beings, everyone should be given a last chance.

He added that he was gifting Omosh the tools of trade because he loves his work, and he believes that the gift will go a long way in helping the talented actor.

B-classic’s gift to Omosh comes a day after he claimed that people who had offered to help him after he came out the first time seeking support gave him empty promises.

In an interview with TV47, the actor said that he received less than one million Kenyan shillings, and he used most of it to settle the debts he had incurred, leaving him with almost nothing.

However, his second appeal to Kenyans did not go well as they came out to bash him with others claiming that he might have spent the money in buying alcohol.

Comedian DJ Shiti told him that Kenyans cannot be waking up every morning to go to work so that they can fund Omosh’s love for alcohol, adding that he will now have to start selling masks like other Kenyans to make ends meet.

Another comedian Mulamwah advised him that money comes slowly but goes in a flash, so when people get it, they should spend it as if it is the last money they will manage.

Celebrated radio presenter and comedian Jalang’o said that Omosh got more than the amount he was claiming he got saying adding that he was lying to people and it was time for him to look for other avenues to look for money.

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