My degree course didn’t take seven months


Umoja Summit Party leader Walter Mong’are has defended the credibility of his degree saying it took more than three years to acquire it.

Mong’are, better known as Nyambane, dismissed media reports that he studied for the degree at Daystar University in seven months.

He issued a statement on Sunday after IEBC’s Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC) declined to clear him to contest for the presidency on August 9. 

In the statement, Mong’are clarified that contrary to media reports, he took a three-year academic credit transfer from Kenyatta University when registering as a new student at Daystar University in 2016.

“To set the record straight, I was admitted to Kenyatta University in 1996, and despite the ups and downs of that period, I took stock of the academic credits that I had acquired in the three years of study,” Mong’are said.

“It is also important to note that my university education journey took longer than it would ordinarily take due to personal and professional priorities which pushed me to make important decisions that have seen tremendous growth in personal and professional life,” he added.

Mong’are said he had accepted the decision of the tribunal although he didn’t anticipate such a verdict.

He faulted the tribunal on a number of issues including that it sought answers on questions about his academic qualifications from his legal counsel.

This, he said, was not procedural in terms of the laws of evidence.

“An advocate cannot be forced to give the veracity of a document he did not author. Counsel asked the DRC to summon the university staff who are the proper authors and makers of the document but DRC declined,” Mong’are said.

He said his appeal was thrown out even after he presented supporting documents including an affidavit from Daystar University.   

But despite the setback, Mong’are said he will keep his dream of pursuing a political career alive and redefine Kenyan politics through better service to Kenyans. 

“I will be seeking public support and expertise to build a movement that will continue to give hope of a better tomorrow, that will be transformational in the management of our resources and leadership of this country,” Mong’are said. 

He thanked those who supported his presidential bid and urged them to remain hopeful despite the disappointment.

“We must look to the future and continue to participate in our democracy, not just every five years but all the time,” Mong’are said. 

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