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My relationship with President Uhuru is not subject of any discussion –DP Ruto says

Deputy President William Ruto has made it clear that the relationship between him and President Uhuru Kenyatta is not a subject of any discussion.

The second in command while speaking during an interview with Citizen TV at his residence in Karen said that the Head of State has never come out in public to say that his deputy had neglected his duties.

He added that on the other hand the DP has never complained that he has a problem with President Uhuru.

He went on to stress out that their relationship is not a subject of any discussion and President Uhuru is his boss.

“The president has never told anybody in private or in public that I have absconded duty neither have I complained that I have a problem with him. The relationship between the president and I is not a subject of any discussion. He is my boss and you never discuss your boss,” he said.

Asked why he has been missing some of the state functions, the DP explained that there were valid reasons why he did not attend those functions.

He further explained that he is very careful when it comes to the attendance of his duties as one can be absent with a reason.

During the interview which was being done the station’s Editorial Director Joe Ageyo, the DP was also asked about his Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) stand to which he stated that the BBI is operating without a legal framework.

He went on to admit that he participated in nominating the BBI task force, but the team had no plans for changing the constitution.

Ageyo asked the DP if he meant that the BBI itself was illegal to which the second in command explained that no legal framework meant that the project was being pushed outside the law confinements.

The interview elicited mixed reactions from Kenyans with many accusing the TV journalist of being openly biased and focusing on one agenda.

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