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New directives for children going to mosques and churches

The Interfaith Council of Kenya has issued fresh directives on children attending mosques and churches. The council issued these directives as part of its phased reopening of worship places.

Archbishop Anthony Muheria, chairman of the Interfaith Council of Kenya, issued a statement on the matter. He said that Madrassas, Sunday schools, and other religious gatherings would resume on 25th January.

However, he said that Madrassas and Sunday schools would only reopen if the places of worship enforce Covid-19 regulations.

The Archbishop said that they would give special care to children and ensure that the churches and mosques enforce all the Ministry of Health guidelines. He noted that those responsible would have to ensure that children wear masks properly and observe a social distance of at least 1.5 meters.

Archbishop Muheria also lauded mosques and churches that adhered to all the guidelines that the Ministry of Health put in place. He called out those who flaunted the guidelines, noting that they endanger the lives of believers.

Mutahi Kagwe, the Health CS, recently acknowledged that the Covid-19 curve was flattening. He said that it was as a result of adhering to the Covid-19 measures they had put in place. Kagwe also said that they had no intention of easing the restrictions in place.

“We are not going to ease any measures right now. We intend to beef up surveillance. The nationwide curfew has played a big role in the numbers going down,” the Health CS said.

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