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NMS changes matatu ban deadline

The Nairobi Metropolitan Services has postponed the matatu ban date within the CBD to the end of January 2021.

The delays have emanated because of the lack of enough funds to finish the construction of new bus parks. Prior to the news, relevant authorities had discussed the best relocation dates in December and early January.

To avoid a transport crisis, NMS had previously stated they would implement the relocation plan in phases.

The matatus will relocate to Desai and Park Road as well as Green Park terminus located at Railways along Haile Selassie Avenue.

According to reports, the Green Park terminus construction, which will accommodate around 110 matatus, will end soon.

However, matatu owners have sworn to continue operating within the Central Business District.

John Muthonga, the National Matatu Owners Association chairperson, said that NMS had an ulterior motive for enforcing the move.

“We have rights like any other Kenyan to operate within the CBD. As such, we will not move out of the city. All exercise must adhere to inclusivity with all our views represented,” said Muthonga.

However, Michael Ochieng, director for NMS Transport, Roads, and Public works, dismissed Muthonga’s claims.

He stated that there were ongoing talks between the real transport stakeholders and those who complained didn’t own any vehicles.

Following the implementation of various projects by NMS since its formation by President Uhuru Kenyatta, NMS has received a lot of compliments.

The construction of the Nairobi termini is one project that will help ease traffic congestion at the CBD.

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