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NMS multi-million scandal report released

Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS)has been cleared of reports of misusing Covid-19 funds.

NMS Director-General Mohamed Badi submitted a report to the allegations that satisfied Auditor General Ms. Nancy Gathungu’s questions.

Head of Data Science, Office of the Auditor General (OAG) Addy Waichigo, said that NMS provided the valuation of the makeshift isolation center and handover certificates.

Concerning the money, Waichago noted that the first withdrawal was irregular, but NMS produced bank transactions and statements to clear themselves.

He further mentioned that it was a transfer from one account to another.

NMS Boss admitted to receiving Sh294 million from the national government and Sh100.2 million as allowances for health care workers, but he refuted receiving money from City Hall or from Danish International Development Agency (Danida).

Badi explained that as of July 31, 2020, NMS had only spent Sh91 million and not Sh97.3 million, as indicated in the report.

The director-general further noted that for the Sh120 million, the body did not have an integrated Personnel Payroll database(IPPD) system and so not able to pay the allowances.

Addressing the Sh32 million cash withdrawal, Badi clarified that it was a cash transfer from their bank account to those of health workers.

“The amount transferred was Sh26 million and Sh32 million. The Sh6 million difference was a double-counting mistake in the audit report,” Badi commented.

The Senate Health Committee had summoned officials from the administration to elaborate on several irregularities on utilization of Sh294.38 million from the government in June 2020.

Some of these irregularities were failure to utilize a Sh64 million makeshift isolation center, irregular cash withdrawal of Sh32 million from a local bank, and Sh 120 million payment to health workers.

Waichago also questioned the Sh182.07 million donated by Danida.

“We couldn’t establish where these funds were received and whether they were transferred to the respective health centers because the county management did not provide relevant documents,” stated the report.

The Badi-led body was also questioned on spending Sh64.93 million on tender for design and maintenance of the makeshift isolation center to University of Nairobi Enterprise Services via single sourcing.

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