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Nurses’ strike set to continue

Nurses have vowed to continue with their strike until the government fully addresses their grievances. They have ignored governors’ threats to sack them.

Nurses stopped reporting to work 36 days ago. They are protesting poor working conditions and also demanding higher risk allowances.

The Kenya National Union of Nurses (Knun) has said that nurses are tired because the government is taking them for granted. Additionally, union officials said that the government would not intimidate nurses.

The union officials have lamented on the worsening situation in hospitals across the country. They claim that the Council of Governors (CoG) decision not to honor an agreement they made is to blame.

“It is unfortunate that the signing of the return-to-work formula is yet to take place despite the issues raised at health facilities across the country. This is an indication that the government is not treating healthcare is with the seriousness it deserves. Our country’s leadership has made it clear that they are not serious and nobody cares,” Joseph Ngwasi, the acting Knun National Chairman, said.

The officials also revealed that nurses had not received their salaries for several months. In Vihiga County, nurses claim they have not received wages for 16 months. Union leaders told nurses, not to let the government intimidate them.

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