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Obama’s aunt Hawa dies in Homa Bay at age 79

He described Hawa as a dedicated mother who brought them up after death of his father David Magak in 1993.

Razik said his mother was a hardworking woman who never depended so much on others. She sold charcoal in Oyugis town.

“She was a disciplinarian and strict mother. She ensured we observed moral values,” Razik added.

Hawa has left two sons, Razik and Musa Magak.

She was a younger sister of Barack Obama Hussein (Obama Senior), the father of former US President Obama. 

Hawa was born at Kanyadhiang’ village in Karachuonyo, Homa Bay county.

Her mother Abiba Akumu and father Onyango Hussein Obama later relocated to Alego Kogelo village in Siaya county in early 1940s. 

Hawa was very popular in the village and the family gained fame after Obama became US President.

“My mother was being referred, by residents, to as Nyar gi Obama (Sister to Obama) after Obama got elected president,” he added. 

Villagers led by Samuel Owida described Hawa as a down-to-earth woman who was a role model for many women who engaged in small businesses.

“Through her advisory role and humility, she helped many women who sought her help. She helped them get involved in small-scale businesses that empowered them,” Owida said.

He praised her as a woman of great simplicity and modesty.

She was to be buried on Thursday by 3pm, in accordance wth the Islamic faith.


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