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Plane with over 100 onboard crashes in Karachi, Pakistan

A plane has crashed in the city of Karachi, Pakistan.

News reports trickling in indicate that the plane belonging to the Pakistani International Airlines (PIA) happened just days after the country resumed commercial flights after COVID-19 interruptions.

Lahore to Karachi

The plane in question was an Airbus A 320, owned by the Pakistan State. It was registered under the number PK 8303.

Flight 8303 had on board 99 passengers and eight crew members and was travelling from Lahore to Karachi.

Officials say that the crash happened when the plane came down on houses in the Model Colony area in Karachi City just before landing after encountering technical difficulties.

According to Pakistan Civil Aviation authorities, there have been at least two survivors from the crash.

Technical fault

The Karachi authorities revealed that the pilot had called in ‘mayday,’ saying he had lost an engine. Other sources state that the pilot had said that he lost two engines.

PIA Chairman Arshad Malik added more to this, saying that the pilot had decided to go around after declaring he had a problem.

“The last voice we heard of the captain was, ‘we have a problem.’ He said this on his final approach. We told him he was okay to land, but he decided to go around.” Malik said. However, they said they would investigate further on the matter.

Karachi Mayor said that the plane decimated at least five or six houses when it crashed, raising the possibility of the number of casualties being higher.

Densely populated area

The Model Colony in Karachi, is a densely populated area, with many people living in close quarters in small spaces.

Footages from the area in Karachi showed decimated buildings, with the plane parts strewn all over the place. Large, dark clouds of smoke billowed ominously over buildings, bearing the haunting sight of the tragedy.



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