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Police deployed around the homes of Kizza Besigye and Bobbi Wine ahead of Museveni’s swearing-in ceremony

Ugandan opposition leaders Kizza Besigye and Bobi Wine faced a tough time today after security agencies surrounded their homes ahead of Yoweri Museveni’s swearing-in ceremony tomorrow.

The two opposition leaders have taken to Twitter to express their concern following a heavy police presence around their homes.

Both Besigye and Wine have cried foul following harassment of their supporters by police officers.

The outspoken opposition leader Bobi Wine termed the action from the government as “cowardly.” To date, the former Presidential aspirant has called out those preparing to swear in President Yoweri Museveni for the sixth time, saying it’s an illegal exercise.

“Because he’s not the legitimate President, the coward is scared of people,” stated Bobi Wine on a micro-blogging site.

On the other hand, Besigye wondered why the government had deployed security forces around his compound, yet he wasn’t in the country.

Deo Akiiki, Uganda’s National Army Deputy Spokesperson, defended police deployment, saying it would help stop chaos from occurring.

“With enough evidence from intelligence, we will not hesitate to arrest perpetrators of violence should the need arise,” state Akiiki during a televised address.

According to a report by NTV Uganda, the country has invited at least 11 Heads of State and 4,000 people who will attend Museveni’s swearing-in, which will take place at the Kololo Ground in Uganda’s capital, Kampala.

Further reports from NTV Uganda state that Mr Museveni’s inauguration has seen beefing up security in most urban areas and their environs.

Out of the total votes cast in January, Museveni garnered 5.85 million votes (58.64 per cent), while his closest opponent, Bobi Wine, got 3.48 million votes (34.83 per cent).

According to Bobi Wine, the electoral body doctored the results and favoured Museveni as the winner.

Museveni became Uganda’s President in 1986 after overthrowing Tito Okello, whose Presidency lasted for 181 days.

Since then, Museveni has emerged as the winner of all Presidential elections held in the country.

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