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Police shoot dead two suspects in Lang’ata after a dramatic foot chase

Police shot dead two suspected armed robbers on Friday night after a dramatic foot chase in Muhoho Road, Lang’ata.

According to the Directorate Criminal Investigation (DCI), the armed two suspects had robbed a woman of a mobile phone and other valuables. However, two police officers happened to be on patrol within the vicinity, and they quickly reacted to the woman’s distressed screams.

Armed with a pistol

“The thugs, who were armed with a pistol, accosted the woman who had just alight from a taxi along Muhoho Road, in Lang’ata,” The DCI said, “A scuffle ensued as the robbers attacked the woman, prompting her to scream for help.

“This called the attention of police officers on patrol, who rushed towards the scene. However, on noticing the officers fast approaching, the thugs took to their heels towards Nairobi West as they fired at the officers.”

According to police reports, the chase between the police officers and the thugs stretched for a whole three kilometres, with the police keeping up with the escaping duo until finally cornering them.

Fierce response

“One of the thugs opened fire, and missed the officer leading the chase by a whisker,” The DCI reported, “This prompted a fierce response from the officers, who fired back and fatally injured the thugs.”

The police recovered a Blow P99A loaded pistol from the thugs and five rounds of 5.56 mm caliber bullets.

Rising insecurity in the Capital

Nairobi county has witnessed a sharp rise in mugging cases for a few years now, with the cases often going unsolved as the thugs often get away. Most often, the muggers are armed with crude weapons such as knives.

On June 7th, 2021, Police Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai formed a special police unit to deal with the increased mugging and robbery with violence.

“We have been engaging with the Boda boda operators through a sensitization program called Usalama Barabarani on abiding by the rule of law,” Mutyambai said during the Engage the IG session on Twitter.

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