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‘BBI must pass’ William Kamket, Tiaty MP says, dismissed Baringo MCAs who rejected Bill

William Kamket, the Member of Parliament for Tiaty Constituency in Baringo County, has said that the BBI must pass.

Speaking during the Day Break Show, Kamket exuded confidence that the Bill would pass the 24 county threshold. Kamket is from Baringo, the only county thus far to reject the BBI Bill. The proceedings were marred by chaos, a move that saw the EACC summon some of the Assembly members for questioning.

Not brave enough

“MCA’s who rejected the BBI need special prayers since they did not understand what they were doing,” Kamket said, “The BBI must and should pass. Those against the BBI have not been brave enough to oppose it.”

Kamket said that once the Bill had crossed the 24 county threshold, they would move on to succession politics for the 2022 elections.

So far, the BBI Bill has passed in eleven counties, with most of the passage being almost unanimous. Kamket said that despite Baringo rejecting the Bill, KANU Party was keen on passing the Bill.

“We are keener to pass the BBI since it will sort out issues leaders are squabbling about,” Kamket said.

He also revealed that Sen Gideon Moi would run for Presidency in 2022. Kamket noted that once the BBI passed, the political ground would shift will a lot of re-alignment.

BBI to pass 24-county threshold – Maangi

However, in a rejoinder, Kisii Deputy Governor Joash Maangi said that while the BBI would pass the 24-county threshold, it wouldn’t pass with the population. Maangi also dismissed Kamket’s assertion that Gideon Moi would charm Kenyans to vote for him.

Maangi said that if Sen Gideon Moi was unable to galvanise the MCAs to pass the BBI Bill, he did not have what it takes to rally Kenyans to vote for him. The Kisii Deputy Governor said that Gideon Moi was a ‘non-starter’ and that his Presidential bid would fail.

Anthony Oluoch also dismissed KANU’s championing of BBI. He said that they could not support the Bill after it failed in Baringo.

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