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BBI signatures cross 4.7 million, Nyanza leads

Nyanza County, the backyard of Raila Odinga, one of the BBI Principals, has topped in the number of signatures collected.

The signature collection exercise is nearing its deadline, having started last week on Thursday. According to figures released yesterday, Nyanza leads with 794,315 signatures collected.

Western, Rift Valley also high

Western, another place where Raila enjoys fanatic following, comes in second. The region has 751,000 signatures, followed by Eastern with 720,000.

Rift Valley, a place where Ruto enjoys significant backing, was surprisingly high in the BBI signature collection. The region has 667,000. This comes as Ruto appeared to be warming up to the document. Though he still has a raft of demands, he has pointedly said he would not lead a NO campaign.

Central, Kenyatta’s backyard, has 643,880, while the Coast Province has 608,578, and Nairobi comes in with 521,000.

Counties in the Northeast region, however, are yet to submit their data.

Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyong’o said that the signatures were a vote of confidence in the BBI. Kisumu leads in Nyanza, collecting 177,832 signatures. He noted that the BBI was not there to solve all problems in Kenya. Instead, it was to deal with ‘nine urgent points.’

Controversy over exercise

The signature collection exercise has been marred with controversy. Kenyans claimed to be forced to sign the document before getting services at the Chief’s office. Others claimed to have been duped into signing for the document under the guise of a ‘COVID’ vaccine.

Despite presumed popularity, a good number of Kenyans on the ground remain unconvinced about the document. For many, it is about timing. The move to push through the BBI process amidst the COVID pandemic reeked of lack of care for Kenyans.

For others, they remain unconvinced of the entire document, seeing it as a disguise for malicious intent. According to critics, the amendments by the BBI aim to increase positions of leadership. The other clauses are merely baiting people to vote for it.

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