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Diplomats urge Uhuru and Ruto to reconcile

Diplomats have urged President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto to reconcile. However, the allies of the two leaders swear to oppose any political deal between them.

The United Nations has backed the request for the two leaders to to tone down their differences. The organization acknowledged that the political temperatures in the country are too high.

Reports allege that a reconciliation between the two  leaders would unlock infrastructure investments worth billions of shillings. Media houses have also reported that the clergy is attempting to get the two leaders to talk. However, the clergy has remained mum on their progress.

Asked whether there was a possible reconciliation, Bishop David Oginde of Citam declined to confirm or deny any reports. He noted that it was still too soon to comment on the issue.

“It is not yet time for discussion on the same. I know the media would like to hear something . . . but no. Why don’t you call me later?” the Bishop told a top media house.

Sources also allege that the President’s dispute with his deputy was one of the topics discussed in a meeting in France. Kenyan delegates were allegedly meeting with France leaders to negotiate deals between the two countries.

In the past few weeks, Deputy President William Ruto has also met with a few diplomats. On 24th September, he met with the European Union Ambassador to Kenya, Simon Mordue at his official residence.

An official in government claimed that the Deputy President is merely trying to gain favor with the West.

He represents no country and needs to find political significance. He may have been approached by busybodies from the outside or he has been approaching them,”the official said.

“There’s no pressure. I think it’s coming from our country, our people not from outside. This is politics. It is normal. The people always try to find ways to reconcile,” the same official added.

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