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Embattled Nairobi County speaker Beatrice Elachi, suspended

Reinstated clerk, Jacob Ngwele, has now issued a notice suspending Nairobi County Speaker, Beatrice Elachi.

In the notice, Ngwele said that Elachi should stop presiding over assembly affairs until the MCAs did away with her censure motion.

Eighty MCAs are seeking to impeach Elachi. The last time they impeached her, 100 MCAs had signed.

Abuse of office

Ngwele said that the Notice of Motion, sponsored by Waithera Chege, sought to remove Elachi due to the illegal appointment of Assembly Clerk, impunity, financial irregularities and militarisation of the County Assembly.

“This Officer, in compliance with the provisions of the said Section 11 of the Act and the Standing Orders of the Nairobi City County Assembly, I am satisfied that the Motion has met the required minimums for tabling under the act,” Ngwele said in the letter.

The Motion had garnered the required one-third of signatures of all MCAs, thus, suspending the embattled speaker.

Beatrice Elachi had sent away county clerk, Ngwele, and appointed Edward Gichana. However, the court later overturned the appointment.

Police intervention leaves one MCA injured

The move to serve Elachi with the impeachment motion notice backfired on Tuesday as police intervened.

The police used force to stop Mlango Kubwa MCA, Patricia Mutheu, from serving Elachi with the notice of impeachment. Chaos erupted at the City Hall as GSU came in to quash the escalating tension.

The police beat up the MCA at City Hall as she attempted to serve the impeachment notice. Mutheu sustained serious injuries.

The move saw many women leaders come out to ask Elachi to stop using the police to settle her scores with the MCAs.

Elachi will now appear before the County Assembly Plenary on Tuesday, 4, August, to respond to the Notice of Impeachment.

MCAs have been targetting to impeach Elachi for a while now. The MCAs impeached her in 2018, but the Labour Court overturned the impeachment in October 2019.

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