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Ford Kenya Party Leader, Moses Wetangula, asks for more changes to BBI report

Ford Kenya Party leader Moses Wetangula has called for changes to the BBI report before holding the referendum.

Speaking at the party’s headquarters in Nairobi, Wetangula said that there was still room for amendments to the document to ensure fairness in representation.

Underrepresentation remains a concern

The Bungoma Senator said that the final report still did not address representation because it gave undeserving regions more constituencies and underrepresented ones less. He gave an example of Bungoma, which he said deserved four constituencies. In the BBI report, it has only three. He also pointed at the North Eastern region, which he also said had not gotten a fair share.

Wetangula was speaking on the day in which Raila marked the end to signature collection on the report. Raila said they had managed to top 5 million signatures, which was way above the target of 1 million signatures. However, many have raised questions over how authorities went about collecting the signatures.

Party remains behind the report

However, despite those concerns, Wetangula said that the part was entirely behind the report. He said that the party was involved in the decision that removed the changes regarding the IEBC. A previous proposal in the BBI had said that parties would appoint IEBC officials. However, uproar led to a quick change on the matter.

Wetangula also hit out at those opposed to the BBI. He said that those against the BBI had chosen to focus on the timing rather than the document. Wetangula urged those opposed to moving on as one could not get everything they wanted. However, he said he was not imposing his views on others. This response came after a journalist asked him if he was referring to Deputy President William Ruto.

Wetangula said that they would now traverse the country to drum up support for the BBI. The referendum will take place next year.

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