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‘Hustler movement is a big con’ Alfred Mutua claims

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua has termed the Hustler Movement as a big con saying those in the movement were already in power.

Mutua was speaking during Citizen TV’s Day Break program, where he also threw his weight behind the BBI. The Machakos Governor accused Hustler Movement backers of spending more time campaigning rather than empowering Kenyans.

The big con

“Hustler movement is one of the biggest con,” Mutua said, “those supporting it are in power and have spent their time campaigning for office rather than empowering Kenyans.”

Mutua’s comments come days after the Hustler Movement launched their party officially launched their 2022 vehicle. The UDA Party, also known as the wheelbarrow party, officially got its registration last week, opening up their offices in Kilimani.

However, Gov Mutua said that President Uhuru and his Deputy, Ruto, who is leading the Hustler Movement, are not fit for office. Mutua noted that the two had had their chance to lead Kenya to better things but has squandered it.

The governor then took the time to sell himself. Mutua called himself ‘the new blood’ that Kenya needed in politics. He said he had what it takes to take over from the old guards.

Kang’ata’s open letter

Mutua also commented on Kang’ata’s letter. Once more, he defended the Murang’a Senator. He said that while Kang’ata’s approach hadn’t been the best, it had been necessary.

“Sen Kang’ata’s approach may not have been great, but people remain unaware of the BBI’s benefit as there is a lot of propaganda,” Mutua said. He said people in Central Kenya were afraid and thus, why they were sceptical of the BBI.

Kang’ata’s letter of BBI’s unpopularity in the Mt Kenya Region has drawn conversations in the country. Kang’ata has said that the President needed to change the approach to BBI if they were to succeed. President Kenyatta, though, dismissed Kang’at’s letter.

In the defence of the BBI, Mutua said that it was not an overhaul of the constitution. Instead, it was an amendment that would be there long after President Kenyatta had left.


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