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‘I won’t be intimidated’ Orengo remains put as wrangles over BBI continue

Senate Minority Leader, James Orengo, has said he won’t be intimidated by critics who want to direct him to carry out his duties.

Orengo spoke on Thursday in a senate session discussing the impeachment of Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi Mohamud. Orengo said that he would continue to perform his duties as he had in the past and would speak his mind on issues of national importance.

‘Power comes and goes’

“I can never be intimidated politically because I have seen powerful people come and go. I have witnessed Presidents come and go,” Orengo said, in seeming reference to wrangles in ODM over the BBI Bill.

According to Citizen Digital, Orengo is causing upheaval in the ODM Party after seemingly going against the party position in the BBI Bill. ODM Party’s position is that the Bill is to pass without any further amendments.

Orengo said that those who attempted to muzzle dissenting voices were behaving like ‘a nation of beasts’. He also said that he would never waver in his convictions and would accept his fate.

Conscience not for sale

“If my day ever comes, I will accept it,” Orengo said, “but my conscience… I can never sell it. I would never.”

The wrangles led to speculation that ODM would remove him from his position as the Minority Leader. This followed the de-whipping of Orengo’s close ally, Rarieda MP, Otiende Omollo, from the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee.

ODM, however, denied any plans of de-whipping Orengo as the Senate Minority Leader.

‘Maturity in party politics’

“Kenyans should not look at these differences in opinion as a split in the party but as a demonstration of maturity in the democratic space,” ODM had said in a statement on Monday.

However, come Tuesday, ODM removed Otiende Omollo from JLAC, thus, leading to speculation that a similar fate would befall Orengo.

Today, the Senate debated the BBI Bill, which has so far seen opinion split on whether or not to amend the document. Both Raila and Kenyatta want it to be passed as it is.

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