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    “If Supporting DP William Ruto Will Land me in Jail, So Be It,” Says Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri

    Bahati Member of Parliament, Kimani Ngunjiri has come forward to declare that he is fearless on supporting DP Ruto. Addressing the media on Wednesday, the Bahati Mp said he is ready to go to jail if it’s for supporting DP Ruto for the 2022 presidential seat.

    “We are ready to pay the price in supporting William Ruto. They can arrest us but they won’t stop his presidential bid. The BBI meeting held in Kisii was Raila Odinga’s campaign using state resources the same way he turned the 2005 referendum into a political party,”

    The Bahati MP in his address also took time to address the division within the Jubilee party. Representing the ‘tangatanga’ team, the Mp noted that the president is turning back on them. The lawmaker went on to express his fears that the president has allowed the opposition into the government. To him, this was betrayal since they had accorded him support in the 2013 and 2017elections.

    “We stood with the President in 2013 and 2017. Since his truce with opposition leader Raila Odinga, his cooperation with the deputy president and his allies has faded,” said the Bahati MP.

    Ngunjiri’s facts

    Supporting his statement of the president turning his back on them, the MP went ahead to cite the instances. He first acknowledged the issue that occurred on Tuesday during the Tittle deeds issuing function. During the function, the DP’s allies senator Susan Kihika and the Nakuru East MP David Gakaria were barred from attending the function. Ngunjiri, who was not in attendance also went ahead to claim he had intentionally skipped the function.

    “I intentionally skipped the function. I had warned Susan Kihika and David Gikaria that they wouldn’t get access to the venue. Those who advised on the location misled them,” Ngunjiri told the press.

    The Bahati lawmaker also went ahead to point out the hosting of the delegation of leaders by the president. Ngunjiri claims that the president hosted a set of leaders in his Gicheha, West of Nakuru Town farm consisting of former politicians, business icons, elders and opinion shapers.

    At the same time, DP William Ruto also hosted a similar event at his home Sugoi in Uasin Ngishu county. They were however astonished to learn that the kieleweke team started raising eyebrows regarding the DP’s meeting yet the president had also hosted a similar event.

    “The difference between the two meetings is the locations and participants. I wonder why it is seen as evil when DP allies converge with a similar agenda,” he said.

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