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Kimilili MP, Didmus Baraza hits out at ANC’s Savula over Ruto ouster

Kimilili Legislature, Didmus Baraza, has hit out at ANC Party over the scheme to oust Deputy President William Ruto.

Speaking to the Nation via video call on Thursday morning, Baraza said that ANC was misplacing its priorities.

All talk no bite

“If the ANC Party was unable to discipline Hon. Godfrey Osotsi for gross violation of its constitution, how can they even imagine impeaching the Deputy President?” Baraza questioned.

He also questioned how the ANC leadership, unable to interpret its constitution in de-whipping Osotsi, could interpret the Kenyan Constitution and House standing orders.

Godfrey Osotsi, a Nominated MP, quit as ANC’s Secretary-General last year to be on panels on the House’s Committee’s reorganization.

A Joke taken too far

“I think this is a joke taken too far,” Baraza said, asking Kenyans to ignore them as they were ‘busybodies with nothing to do.’

Baraza also accused Savula of being a corrupt figure, and thus, had no moral authority to lecture Kenyans. Among the corruption cases Baraza raised on Savula, was his Kenya Government Advertising Agency’s defrauding case. The case is currently before the court of law.

Where it all started

Baraza, a staunch Ruto ally, was responding to ANC’s statement calling out the Deputy President for his remarks towards the President.

Savula, ANC’s Deputy Party Leader, said that Ruto had shown disrespect to the President. Thus, he needed to resign, or they would otherwise impeach him.

“He called the President a tribalist. How can you say your boss is a tribalist?” Savula said on Tuesday in a presser. Savula, also the Lugari MP, furthermore, said that he would table an impeachment motion against Ruto if he failed to resign.

Ruto and President Kenyatta, over the weekend, made their fallout clear for the first time. President Kenyatta had on Saturday said he would back a candidate from another tribe than Kalenjin and Kikuyu.

William Ruto, however, responded, saying he had supported President Kenyatta without consideration for the tribe.

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